23 of the most outrageous and unhinged things that Trump said at his Nevada rally

Donald Trump was back on the campaign trail on Saturday night where he delivered another typically unhinged rally speech.

Speaking to supporters in Minden, Nevada where there was little no evidence of face masks being worn by the attendees or social distancing, Trump once again went on a barrage of criticism against the Democrats and even hinted at serving two more terms if he wins in November.

Trump spoke for more than 90 minutes and here are a few of the more alarming things that he said.

Worryingly he kicked things off by saying that after he wins in November he would negotiate to get an unprecedented third term in the White House 'based on the way we were treated.'

The president then started criticising the Nevada governor, Steve Sisolak, who understandable wanted the event to be cancelled over fears of spreading coronavirus. Trump likened the fact that the event was given the go-ahead to a 'protest' and then accused Joe Biden of being 'correct with Covid.'

They can have riots and they can have all sorts of things and that’s okay, you can burn up the house, that’s okay. We call this a protest because if you call it a protest, you’re allowed to have it. It’s okay. So if anybody asks you outside, this is called a friendly protest, okay? It’s true. You can’t have political rallies. That’s because of me, because if Biden were here, he’d have about three people. Do you ever see him with his little circles? The circle? You know why he puts the circles? Because he wants to be like correct with COVID, but it’s not really because they can’t get anybody to fill up a room. So they put these big circles. So he can’t get anybody to fill. Nobody wants to go. Oh, boy, the fake news, look at all those people back there, the fakers.

After criticising Sisolak for nearly ten minutes, Trump moved on to the Democrats and claimed with little evidence that they are trying to rig the election.

Trump then turned his attention to the 'fake news media' and claimed that they were a bigger threat to the United States than the coronavirus, which has claimed more than 194,000 lives.

Trump then went on a full assault of Biden, labeling his opponent as 'pathetic' which isn't a very presidential thing to say at all.

The president then praised the job that US marshals did against the Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland, which has been controversial, to say the least.

Trump also turned back the clocks and ranted about Hillary Clinton and her deleted emails, this was after he mentioned Donna Brazile, a Fox analyst who he has clashed with before.

Next up was Trump complaining about he getting almost no coverage on him being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, an award he almost definitely won't win.

Trump then lashed out at election statistician Nate Silver of the FiveThirtyEight, but can't remember his name, who gave the president a slim chance of winning in November.

Bizarrely, Trump then ranted about not being able to use Air Force One as a political prop for his speech.

Trump then tried to dismiss reports about him being tied in the polls in Nevada because he saw 'tens of thousands' of people lining the streets as he made his way to Minden. He then added that there is more enthusiasm for his campaign than there ever was for Obama.

Driving here, there were tens of thousands of people on the streets with flags. And then you read these fake reporters and they say, 'President Trump is tied in Nevada, tied.' I don’t think so. The only way we’re tied is if they screw around with the ballots, which they will do in my opinion. Okay? We’re not tied anywhere. I asked some people that travelled with Obama. I said, 'Was it the same thing?' They say, 'Not even a tiny fraction of what you have.; There’s not even a fraction. We have more enthusiasm. We have more spirit than any campaign that anybody’s ever seen. It’s true.

Trump then spread a ludicrous conspiracy theory that Biden 'wants to ban energy.'

He then reeled off another bonkers conspiracy theory claiming that the Democrats are going to "indoctrinate your children with poisonous, anti-American lies in school."

For the umpteenth time, Trump again claims that the only reason the US has had son many coronavirus cases is because of its rigorous testing program.

Trump then uttered an unbelievable quote next by claiming that a lockdown enforced by Biden will cause 'countless deaths from suicide.'

Trump then tried to make a really bad joke about antifa.

Trump then moved onto the horrifying forest fires which have ravaged the west coast this week and searched for any excuse he could to blame the Democrats.

Trump then encouraged a member of the audience to say that Biden 'kissed Obama's ass' while he was vice president.

The president of the United States here, claiming that wind turbines 'spew more crap into the air than anything...'

Turning his attention back to Biden, he claimed that if he were president during the pandemic then he wouldn't have closed the borders to China which would have resulted in even more deaths.

Did you see he copied everything I was doing? Except one thing, he wouldn’t have closed the country to China so hundreds of thousands of people would have died from that.

But two months, two and a half months later, he admitted that I was right. Thank you very much, Joe, I appreciate it.

Trump then fired several accusations at Biden from pledging to 'wage attacks on Catholic organisations' to 'allowing violent mobs to burn down your business' all in an attempt to win over Hispanic voters.

So Joe Biden would be a disaster for all communities, not just the Hispanic communities, pledged to wage attacks on Catholic organizations, like the Little Sisters of the Poor that we’re helping. And we’re winning with them. We’re helping them. They got hit so hard by Oh Biden. They got hit so hard. I remember them in the Supreme Court, the Little Sisters of the Poor. They get hit by Biden. And then he says, 'How wonderful.' He’s such a wonderful person. He supports taxpayer-funded, extreme, late-term abortion. And I mean, ninth month, ninth month, ninth month. And he’d allow violent mobs to burn down your business. And he would hand your country over to the socialists. But I believe it’s worse than socialists. I do. I think it’s a step worse than socialist. And it starts with a C. That is why we’re going to win a record share of the Hispanic vote in November. So important. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The president also bragged about the killing of Iranian official Qasem Soleimani earlier this year and claimed Biden was against the mission to take out Osama bin Laden and also 'oversaw the rise of ISIS.'

We eliminated the world’s number one terrorist and mass murderer of American troops, Qasem Soleimani. He’s dead. He’s gone. Biden voted for the Iraq War. He opposed the mission to take out Osama bin Laden. He opposed killing Soleimani. He oversaw the rise of ISIS and he cheered the rise of China as a very positive development. Oh, really? Tell me about it. Tell me about it. Not too positive.

Towards the end of his speech, Trump boldly claimed that voting for Republicans is a vote for 'safe communities' which is bold considering the scenes we have witnessed in America this year.

A vote for Republicans is a vote for safe communities, great jobs and a limitless future for all Americans. Instead of letting Washington change us, despite all that we’ve been through and we’ve been through more than any president has ever been through with these characters and they’re falling one after another. But you do notice that I hope. One after another.

On that note and after one hour and 34 minutes of talking, Trump's rally in Nevada was done and not a moment too soon.

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