The newest deepfake is Donald Trump and Mr Bean - it's absolutely terrifying

The newest deepfake is Donald Trump and Mr Bean - it's absolutely terrifying

The latest deepfake to go viral on the internet has combined the face of British TV legend Mr Bean with the body of US president Donald Trump and it’s truly the stuff of nightmares.

The video, which was produced by PolygonGraphics, depicts a mashup of Mr Bean’s face superimposed onto Trump’s body during the 2015 press conference in which he announced his presidential bid.

To bring you up to date, you may recall the resurgence of a controversial video app called ‘DeepFakeLab’, which uses Artificial Intelligence to superimpose faces onto bodies. The ‘non-consensual’ video technology was banned across many social media sites because people were using it to overlay the faces of female actor’s onto the bodies of porn stars.

While in these cases, deepfakes are deeply disturbing, users found other amusing ways of using it the technology, such as merging Steve Buscemi’s face onto Jennifer Lawrence’s body and cropping Nicholas Cage’s face into famous movie scenes.

The two-minute long video of president Trump and Mr Bean, which apparently took the creator around 24 hours to make, makes for hilarious and bizarre viewing. In an interview with The Daily Dot, PolygonGraphics explains why he chose to merge the two together:

I find many of Trump’s gestures comparable to Mr. Bean and thought that the very open eyes of Bean would contrast really well

People on Twitter also couldn’t keep their eyes off the strangely mesmerising video but were also really creeped out.

Sweet dreams, everybody.

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