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Last year, you may remember the brief, scandalous and 'non-consensual' video app called 'deepfakes'.

The video technology, which was quickly banned on many social media sites, was being used to superimpose actresses faces on the bodies of pornographic actresses.

While that was deeply unsettling, users found more enjoyable and amusing ways of using it, such as cropping Nicholas Cage's face into famous movie scenes.

There hasn't been much chatter about the videos since they were banned, but The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is bringing them back into the public consciousness thanks to a shocking discovery.

In a video that the show shared on their YouTube channel on Thursday, they claim that various videos of Donald Trump speeches are in fact 'deepfakes' created to spread misinformation about the president.

Don't believe us. Take a look for yourself and I think you'll find that the evidence is quite shocking.

Of course, this is nothing more than a simple joke and a very easy way to mock the president.

The videos aren't fake at all but, as the one-note joke suggests, instead are just clips of young children having tantrums not dissimilar to those of the president.

One clip also cleverly claims that it isn't Trump talking at all but actually Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

It's a simple but funny joke but it's unlikely that we'll be laughing when actual 'deepfakes' start appearing during the 2020 election campaign.

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