Trump reportedly called Nepal and Bhutan 'Nipple' and 'Button' in White House briefing

CNN screengrab

Donald Trump mispronounced Bhutan and Nepal as “Button and Nipple” in a White House meeting with intelligence officials.

He then went on to incorrectly identify both as being part of India, national security correspondent John Walcott told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin.

Talking about reporting Donald Trump’s intelligence briefings for Time, Walcott revealed:

There are a combination of things. The first one is the president’s ignorance. That goes to the point of thinking that Nepal and Bhutan – which incidentally he also mispronounced a 'nipple' and 'button' – are part of India, which they’re not.

“Wait, seriously? That’s what he said?” asked a shocked Baldwin.

Walcott responded: "Seriously.”

He also talked about the Saturday article he wrote in Time that suggested sources in the intelligence community were worried that he is a national security risk due to his “wilful ignorance” about international affairs.

Baldwin asked about what the consequences could be if the president doesn’t listen to his advisors.

There are two dangers. The first one is he will make decisions based not on real information, but on his instincts, which are not always good.

Despite the serious topic, people couldn't help but find the humour in Trump's mispronounciations.

“The real underlying concern is what might happen if the nation is suddenly hit with a real national security crisis out of the blue,” Walcott also told CNN. “How will the president respond? Will Trump stop and listen and think about that response first - or again, will he simply react on instinct?”

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