8 of the weirdest things that happened at Trump's Ohio rally last night

8 of the weirdest things that happened at Trump's Ohio rally last night

As the US election grows closer every day, president Donald Trump was thrilled as crowds at his campaign rally in Swanton, Ohio on Monday evening chanted “Fill that seat!” after the recent death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

This was just the tip of the iceberg as the speech was full of falsehoods and downright bizarre claims. Here are eight of the most outrageous things he said:

1. Trump claimed the coronavirus "affects virtually nobody”

As the pandemic has killed nearly 200,000 Americans, drastically more people than in any other country, Trump falsely claimed to hundreds of supporters, many not wearing masks, that the virus only really, “affects elderly people...people with heart problems and other problems.”

2. He was mad the news didn’t mention his Nobel Peace Prize nomination

Angry that NBC journalist Lester Holt discussed the news of hurricane season rather than his Nobel peace prize nomination - his favourite topic of conversation.

While he seems to be convinced that he has already won the prize, any national lawmaker can nominate anyone for doing anything. In this case, a far-right Norwegian lawmaker nominated the president for his efforts in the Middle East.

3. He doesn’t seem to know the name of former President Ulysses S. Grant

Trump pronounced it “Ulyssesius”

4. Trump, as always, says the Biden campaign will “destroy suburbia”

Saying he loves suburbia, and “knows it well”, this was one of Trump most offensive moments of the evening.

He said:

If you say suburban housewife you’re in deep trouble, so what you do is you say, suburban women. They love me.

Coyly implying every woman in suburbia is a housewife, he continued: “they don’t want projects right next to their house, that’s ok!” as people clapped. Very thinly veiled classism.

“You know who’s in charge? You know who’s in charge of the program? Corey Booker!” he continued with disdain as people booed. Cory Booker is an African American senator from New Jersey who the president continually attacks in more thinly veiled racism.

5. He obsessed with the TVs on his plane

“It’s got more televisions than any plane in history!” he said admiringly about Air Force One. “They’ve got televisions in closets, in bathroom, in the floor on the ceilings,”

… how is this relevant Mr President?

6. Trump says his campaign is “protesting stupidity”

This seems fairly ironic and speaks for itself. He then goes on to call Ohio, “Aloho’

7. He said he was the only thing standing "between you and chaos"

“Your children will be robbed of their future. The damage will endure for generations to come," he cried, again stoking fear about the country America would become if Joe Biden won the presidency.

8. Trump tells his supporters to “call the authorities” when “people on the others side” cheat when voting

At first in a seemingly normal statement, Trump tells everyone to get out and vote (fair, despite his consistent drive to stifle voter turnout). Then he says, seemingly referencing Democrats? (he only says ‘them’):

When you see them cheating on the other side. I don't say if. When. When you see them cheating with those ballots, all of those unsolicited ballots ... report 'em to the authorities. The authorities are waiting and watching.

Without giving on facts or context, Trump implies everyone who isn’t voting for him should be sent to the authorities.

Well, we made it through another shocking and insane, yet somehow completely normalised speech from President Trump.

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