It’s hard to believe Trump has ever been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, considering how his first (and only) term was the antithesis of any peaceful political climate domestically.

As bizarre as it may seem, Donald Trump joined the ranks of other questionable nominees such as Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini earlier this year. 

However, he hasn’t ever actually won one, despite what his latest promotional video seems to suggest.

The video in question carries an eerie air, with a number of slogans about nationalism and the military soundtracked to some classic music. Even the violins sound anxious.

Twitter users were quick to spot that the accompanying image to ‘Trump stands for Peace’ is inexplicably accompanied by a photoshopped Nobel Prize Medal, as if to suggest he is in possession of one.

Co-founder of the Democratic Coalition and vocal critic Scott Dworkin was one of the first to spot the addition.

Many Twitter users were staggered to find he had not only superimposed the Prize, but that it was also the wrong medal. The medal featured in the video is awarded to those for accomplishments in science or literature, as verified by someone that has had to do the job himself.

It has also been pointed out that the photoshopping has the potential to be a legal matter, as the image is being used in a misleading way for ‘publicity or commercial purposes’. The Nobel Prize institutes are yet to respond.

Why is Team Trump still making video content as if there is a campaign to be won anyway? Only time will tell.

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