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Another day, another shedload of memes inspired by the president of the United States.

This week, Trump has raised eyebrows by giving himself a weird new nickname.

It’s not unusual for Trump to refer to himself in third person, but the abbreviation of the name marks a first. Even in a country that has grown used to his strange style of communication, this colloquial form TRUMPet blowing (gettit?) has raised eyebrows.

Perhaps Trump’s new nickname for himself means he’s growing more comfortable with his presidential title, two years into the presidency? Or maybe it’s an indication that he needs an ego boost following a bruising mid-term election campaign?

Maybe Trump is trying to paint himself as the new Obama, after he frequently referred to the former president as “president O”?

Whatever his intention, it seems destined to be rightly ripped to shreds and immortalised in meme form.

Inevitably, the comparison was made with Mr T, because the internet is a hellhole that none of us deserve to be free of.

H/T: Washington Post

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