The one dramatic change needed to fix the US political system - according to a Never Trump Republican

The one dramatic change needed to fix the US political system - according to a Never Trump Republican
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Sometimes, the US political scene can feel infuriating. Endless congressional gridlock, triangulation on policies which sees potentially major changes watered down, and, of course, the landscape that led to the rise of Donald Trump half a decade ago.

One former top Republican says one major political change could transform all of that.

Michael Steele was the Republican National Committee chair from 2009 to 2011 and still considers himself a Republican. In a recent interview of Salon Talks, Steele said he was troubled by the GOP’s apparent welcoming of white nationalism and violence for political gain. 

He compared the Republican Party to a “cancer patient” that’s refusing treatment - an allusion to bigotry spreading unchecked through the Republican Party.

And while a sweeping win by Joe Biden and the Democrats felt like a much-needed correction - Steele says having more major parties in the US is the future we need to push for.

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The solution: more competition. And that means more parties to choose from when you go into the voting booth.

“I think more and more Americans need to embrace [voting for additional political parties]. I have advocated that since I was a county chairman.

“Why? Because I love the idea of competition, said Steele.” “It gives you a chance to hone your thinking and reasoning skills around the philosophy that you articulate for, and it gives you a chance to declaratively say, “This is what we stand for. This is what we believe.”

He said when the American people no longer have the freedom to express their beliefs, they will look for alternatives - this can cause problems when they only have two distinct political options.

In the meantime, he says he wants to “terraform” the GOP as it stands today.

“That is tearing up this old dirt that has grown incapable of bearing good fruit and laying down some new seeds. If we are unsuccessful in that, then we will have someplace else to go, he defined.

“There is a lot of traction and traffic going on right now in this space, and I think that’s a good thing for the country in the long run.”

What are your thoughts about having more than two political parties? Check out more from the interview here.

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