More than 300,000 people are seriously planning on attending a ‘second Trump inauguration’ event
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It has been well over a month since Donald Trump lost the election to Joe Biden and he now has just a month left in office before he is ousted once and for good but there is still a huge amount of denial going on.

Even before the election was confirmed for Biden, Trump was complaining about voter fraud at the election being rigged by the Democrats. Not much has changed since then as Trump and his legal team have been unable to uncover or produce any substantial evidence of fraud.

Now the electoral college has cast its votes and officially confirmed Biden as president-elect meaning he will be sworn in as the next president of the United States on 20th January. There have been reports that Trump might physically refuse to leave the White House but for some of his fans a second inauguration is so much of a reality that they are planning to attend it online.

A report from the Daily Dot shows that a Facebook event has attracted more than 300,000 people who have confirmed that they are interested in attending Trump’s second inauguration ceremony. Just over 60,000 of these individuals have said that they will be at the virtual event which will be held at the same time as Biden’s inaguration. 

There is little information about what this event will actually comprise of but it is likely to be another form of propaganda for the president and more spreading of baseless conspiracy theories. The page says that the event has been organised by Ilir Chami and Evi Kokalari, the latter of which claims to be part of the Trump Victory Finance Committee 2020. Kokalari, who also goes by the name of Evi Kokalari-Angelakis, has also previously worked with Steve Bannon and Republican congressmen Lee Zeldin and George Santos. 

Whether this is supposed to be a serious event or not, Facebook has already flagged it with a reminder that Biden is the next president of the United States and bizarre protests like this aren’t going to stop that from happening.

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