During the commemorations of the 75 anniversary of the D-Day landings, several world leaders signed a symbolic proclamation in acknowledgement to those that sacrificed so much on that historic day and make sure those events never have to be repeated.

Amongst the signatures on the piece of paper are Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and of course, Donald Trump but because he's the president he had to do something a little different to everyone else, didn't he?

Whereas every other world leader placed their signature respectfully at the bottom of the document, Trump placed his right at the very top, where everyone could see it, ensuring that it wasn't lost amongst the other names.

The placement of the signature saw Trump ridiculed after an image of the document was shared on social media.

While it is unclear why Trump chose to sign his name at the top of the document, a few people tried to defend him, pointing out that if he was the last person to write on it, then there wasn't much space left at the bottom for him.

Let's just be thankful that he wasn't around in 1776...

HT The Hill

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