Trump supporters were asked when America was last 'great'. Their answers were terrifying

In case you missed it, last week delegates at the Republican National Convention finally officially anointed Donald Trump their choice for presidential nominee.

The party is still split over Trump's nomination, but his supporters were out in force at the conference in Cleveland, Ohio, to make their desire to make the man who promises to "Make America Great Again" president known.

The Daily Show was there and managed to ask the question we've all been wondering: when, exactly, was America great? What's the consensus?

It, umm, turns out there isn't one. And the answers will not inspire you with confidence in the great organ we call democracy.

So, when was America last great?

1913, when we passed the Seventeenth Amendment.

Back when women couldn't vote?


It doesn't get better.

Well I guess the Eighties were pretty good!

[nods] Right, the Eighties... crack cocaine.

Crack cocaine!

America became great when the Founding Fathers put pen to paper in 1776.

That was awesome. Other than the slavery, obviously.

Well, we did have that. And the Indian thing too... there were a few hiccups along the way, you know.

Watch two minutes' worth of sound American reasoning below:

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