Trump supporters on Twitter are already furious at this tiny change to make the White House website more inclusive

Isobel van Hagen
Thursday 21 January 2021 15:20
(Getty Images)

The Biden Administration made one tiny inclusive step forward, and the usual suspect – some Trump supporters and conservatives – are already furious.

On Biden’s first day in office, the White House website was updated to include gender-inclusive pronouns and prefixes.

Practically, this now means anyone who wants to contact the White House will see “they/them” among other pronouns in a dropdown menu, as well as an “other” option. The prefixes have been updated to include the gender-neutral “Mx.” alongside “Mr.” and “Ms.” as well. 

While this was a straightforward change,  as GLAAD – an American NGO founded to protest against defamatory coverage of LGBTQ+ people, – pointed out, the move was quite notable after four years of “Trump erasing all mentions of LGBTQ+ people from the White House website”.

“On Day One, the Biden administration has taken immediate steps to include trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people in the conversation,” said GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis.

In other words, the simple act spoke magnitudes to those who had been excluded, oppressed and ignored under the Trump administration (who refused to so much as acknowledge Pride Month).

This was of course met by detractors as terrible news, with some people complaining and claiming the change was “sickening”, “nuts”, and saying “I bet China is laughing” – (unclear what this means).

Liz Wheeler, a conservative political commentator, wrote that she thought, “Joe Biden was the party of science!” in response to the news – which seems like she’s unhappy but it’s unclear exactly why. And of course Ben Shapiro, a conservative who backed Trump in the 2020 election, got in on the backlash too.

However, way more people across social media were comforted by the news, saying it was a “hopeful time for inclusion in america,” and “I legit shed a few tears of joy”.

Writer Celeste Ng pointed out that, “This is such a small thing – except it’s *not* a small thing at all, and it says so much about the incoming administration”.

Not only do they “want to be inclusive” she said, “they are aware that details matter, that they have a plan”.