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In further proof that the generation of tomorrow might just be alright, teenagers on TikTok have started another new trend to troll the president of the United States.

After reportedly requesting tickets for Donald Trump's failed rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma and not showing up and pretending to buy merchandise on his online store but never choosing to pay for any of it, teenagers are now encouraging others to go to review sites and leave bad scores and comments for businesses owned by Trump.

As reported by Daily Dot, many videos have started to appear on the social media video site of teenagers either leaving one star reviews of Trump's various businesses or telling others to leave bad reviews of places like Trump Tower, resturants and his hotel chains around the US.

One of the most well-known individuals to promote the trend is Claudia Conway, the daughter of George and Kellyanne Conway, who is currently the counselor to the president who has gone viral this week for criticising the president as well as telling others to leave negative reviews of Trump’s restaurants, hotels, and golf courses.

Although leaving bad reviews of places that Trump's name is tied to might not be a new thing for long term critics of the president, this new TikTok craze does appear to be working.

Places like Google and Yelp have seen a recent influx of negative reviews for locations like Trump Tower,Trump Grill, the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas and his Mar-a-lago resort in Florida.

This is unlikely the sting the president as much as poor attendance at his rally or not paying for merchandise but it will knock the aggregate score of these venues down, especially when places like Trump Tower were receiving positive reviews until recently.

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