A complete timeline of the last 24 hours of Trump's social media outbursts

A complete timeline of the last 24 hours of Trump's social media outbursts

Donald Trump is certainly having quite the time of things at the moment as he attempts to convince the American public to vote him in for a second term in the White House.

The president is facing scrutiny from seemingly everywhere, as polls show that he is behind Joe Biden in several key swing states and this was all before his performance in Thursday's debate.

Before it even began he tried to whip up some controversy by sharing on Facebook what he called "bias, hatred and rudeness" from reporter Lesley Stahl during an interview with 60 Minutes, which he reportedly stormed out of. The interview is set to be aired in full on Sunday.

In the caption for the video he claims that the moderator for the debate, Kristen Welker, was 'far worse.'

Over on Twitter, Trump was his usual self, doing everything possible to rally support for himself and deride the Democrats and Biden.


His day on Twitter started just after 6am on Thursday morning when he quote retweeted himself and appeared to be suggesting that a Biden presidency would cause an economic depression.

Shortly after this, he tried to garner some support for himself from the state of Virginia.


Just after 7am he began hyping the version of the 60 Minutes interview that he would later share on Facebook, where he complimented his own answers as "magnificently brilliant."

In a bit of a departure, Trump championed the retired American football coach Bobby Bowden, who had recently overcome Covid-19 and also endorsed Trump.


Trump lashes out at Fox News for the polls that they had been sharing on their network, adding that he thought they were 'getting rid of its pollster.'


A rare bit of good news for Trump as his Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett moves one step closer to becoming a justice.


Trump goes on a bit of a flurry in this hour, first by touting polling ratings from the Republican party, which unsurprisingly supports him.

The president then tweeted the link to the aforementioned 60 Minutes interview.

Bizarrely, Trump hit out at Barack Obama and claimed, without evidence, that former president is now "campaigning for us" as "every time he speaks, people come over to our side." Obama had given a highly critical speech against Trump on Wednesday.

Once again, without evidence, Trump claims that suburban women are now flocking to his campaign. Trump has recently been asking suburban women at his rallies why they don't like him and pleading for them to back him.

In a hat trick of evidence-less claims, Trump tweets that Biden wants to 'Pack the Court with Radical Left crazies.'


Trump then promotes a New York Post article about 'Biden's corruption' and says that the 'Lamestream Media is starting to say it must be covered!' Much of the reports from the Post on the Bidens have been treated with scepticism hence the lack of coverage they have received.


Trump goes quiet for a few hours before he sets off for the final debate in Nashville, Tennessee.

Bizarrely, Trump quote retweets his earlier claim about suburban women adding that they want 'security and safety.'


Trump hypes an order he had just signed to protect the pensions of all American workers and the Delphi corporation and takes a shot at Obama and Biden who he claims failed 'American workers.'


Trump then spends the next few hours retweeting almost anything he can find about people supporting and praising his debate performance. Most of them come from Republicans, conservatives and members of his own administration.

Here are a few highlights of the 12 retweets he shared in these three hours.

Trump also shared a clip from last year's Democratic presidential debates, where Biden said that he will try to ban the controversial practice of fracking.

Biden and Harris have since said that they will not ban fracking. The subject is a major talking point in Pennsylvania, one of the key swing states in the election. This is currently Trump's pinned tweet.


Trump again shares another video of Biden saying that he will ban fracking.

Trump has his biggest surge of activity of the day on Twitter when he posts 18 tweets, most of them retweets, between 11pm and 12:30. Many of these are screenshots of polls claiming that Trump won the debate and come from mostly conservative sources.

Trump ends the day by sharing a campaign video, which plays out like a blockbuster movie trailer of some of his greatest hits.

And that was that. Just another normal day on the internet for the president of the United States.

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