A complete timeline of Trump's horrifying 44-tweet 'meltdown' last night


It seems Donald Trump is trying to make up for lost time while in hospital over the weekend – tweeting or retweeting a total of 44 tweets on Tuesday evening.

From exactly 7pm onwards, POTUS tweeted about everything from Nancy Pelosi and her proposed bailout, the “Russia Hoax”, Amy Coney Barrett and mail-in voting.

But if you can’t be bothered sifting through it all (we don’t blame you!), don’t worry – we’ve compiled a handy list of the most bizarre moments.


On Tuesday evening, the news broke that Trump’s negotiations with Nancy Pelosi had broken down and he accused the Speaker of the House of Representatives of “not negotiating in good faith”.

He announced he rejected their request for a $2.4tn stimulus bailout… but if that wasn’t bizarre enough, he seemed to completely contradict what he just said.

Trump quote-tweeted an article featuring Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell calling for the urgent need for a stimulus to protect the US economy.

Trump simply tweeted:

And people were very confused:

But wait, there’s more…


Trump went on the attack of Pelosi again and called her “crazy”, then proceeded to hypothesise on her reason for wanting the urgent stimulus package:

Negotiations for this stimulus package have been ongoing since July.

The effects of the stimulus would’ve pumped money into the economy at a time when the unemployment and business growth outlook is trending downward.

Instead, the stock market dropped steeply after Trump’s announcement of refusing to negotiate again until after the election on 3 November.

7:59 – 9:00pm

Over the course of this hour, Trump retweeted American conservative author and conspiracy theorist, Paul Sperry, a total of 16 times.

He also quote-tweeted Sperry a further six times.

Sperry made a number of claims that clearly Trump was a fan of – the biggest being about the Trump-Russia "collusion" scandal and various attempts to poke holes in it.

Essentially, Sperry claimed there were various conflicts of interests with the investigation and then alleged:

This has been a common tactic from Trump when questioned about his links with Russia – deflecting to Joe Biden.

In among the retweets of Sperry, Trump also tweeted about the “Russia Hoax”, claiming:


Speaking about Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, Trump again quote-tweeted Sperry.

But this time Sperry claimed the SCOTUS nominee hearings will be “bloody” and “will likely help pick the next president”.

Trump clearly agreed and simply added:

Trump has faced criticism for fast-tracking his nomination for a SCOTUS judge given that it’s an election year.

A whole host of Republicans and Fox News hosts have been called out for previously rallying against the Democrats trying to nominate Merrick Garland in an election year when Obama was president, but then calling for the swift nomination of Coney Barrett during Trump’s presidency.

9:20(ish) – 9:35pm

Trump then retweeted and quote-tweeted a series of claims from Gregg Jarrett, a legal and political analyst for Fox News.

Again, many of the tweets tried to poke holes in the Russia investigation, including an unsubstantiated claim that Hillary Clinton tried to push the Russia investigation to distract people from her “email scandal”:

Trump’s Twitter love for Jarrett culminated in him making a “sexist” quip about Nancy Pelosi.

Trump tweeted that Pelosi should wear her mask “at the ‘beauty’ parlour” and people weren’t happy:



Trump has continually tried to claim that mail-in votes are fraudulent.

Citing the figure of “11,00”, Trump claimed residents in North Carolina got “incorrect voter registration forms” and that “this will be the most corrupt election in American history”.

While it’s reportedly true that 11,000 (not “11,00”) voters in North Carolina received registration forms with incorrect information, there’s no evidence to suggest there was “no way to vote for [the] president”.

According to the North Carolina State Board of Elections, the forms simply had incorrect names, addresses and dates of birth and new forms will be sent to these voters.


Donald Trump bizarrely appeared to backtrack on refusing to negotiate with Nancy Pelosi about stimulus checks until after the election.

Negotiating via Twitter, Trump tweeted:

But people were very confused, considering his defiance in negotiating just hours earlier:

Some theorised Trump was trying to save face after seeing the stock market sink since he tweeted about no stimulus packages:

Hoo boy.

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