Trump team forced to shut down 'voter fraud hotline' after people used it to troll him in the best possible way
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TikTok teens are at it again.

Throughout the president’s election campaign, TikTok users have gone out of their way to troll Trump.

Recently, they seized the Million MAGA March hashtag with pictures of pancakes.

Before that, they forced the cancellation of a rally by spamming the ticket site with fake reservations.

Now, they’ve pushed the campaign to close its ‘voter fraud hotline’ after a flurry of prank calls.

Trump’s continued attempts to frame the election as stolen prompted his team to set up a hotline to report incidents of alleged voter fraud.

They even went as far as setting up an entire headquarters for it in Arlington, Virginia.

The hotline existed to try and substantiate outlandish claims by the president’s inner circle about widespread election fraud.

But it became a trend on TikTok to prank call the number.

The hotline received so many prank calls that the campaign had to change its number.

Lara Trump shared the new number, calling those who spammed it "shameful".

She insisted: "Keep spamming. We will keep changing the number."

However, that didn't last too long.

Overwhelmed by prank calls, they closed the hotline.

It has since been replaced with a digital form.

The form isn't immune from pranks, either.

According to Newsweek, it's already been flooded with graphic images and the entire script of the Bee Movie.

You've got to admire the persistence of the pranksters!

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