Teenagers credited with forcing Trump to cancel rally after spamming tickets site with fake reservations

Donald Trump famously doesn’t get on with teens.

Recently the president has been locked in a battle with digital-savvy, progressive teenagers who are organising via social media platforms like TikTok.

And tensions haave not improved since it emerged that Republicans are reportedly trying to ban TikTok.

Teens are targeting Trump’s merch store, his campaign app and now they seem to have gone back to where it all began: his election rallies.

In June, teens claimed victory after Trump’s much touted comeback rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma ended up only being half full – despite bragging from the president that he had sold over a million tickets.

Teenagers said they had falsely registered for hundreds of thousands of tickets, preventing real potential attendees from claiming them and inflating projected attendance numbers.

And ahead of the next Trump rally, which was scheduled for 11 July in New Hampshire, a similar campaign was being run.

Which is why it’s very interesting that officials working for the Trump campaign decided to postpone the event due to “bad weather”.

In a statement on Friday, Trump’s campaign communications director Tim Murtagh said:

The rally scheduled for Saturday in Portsmouth, New Hampshire has been postponed for safety reasons because of Tropical Storm Fay. It will be rescheduled and a new date will be announced soon.

People are sceptical though; the ‘storm’ was scheduled to clear well before Trump took the stage at 8pm.

In the event, when Saturday rolled around, skies were apparently sunny in New Hampshire.

And prior to the event, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway had been attempting to downplay crowd size expectations, claiming that Trump supporters are staying home due to the pandemic.

Couple this with the teen ticket reservation campaign and people believe that the weather may not have been the whole reason the rally was postponed.

Even far-right conservatives seem to be backing this notion.

There’s widespread suspicion it wasn’t the numbers on the barometer that prompted the cancellation.

Some are specifically hailing the action of the teens as responsible.

Maybe it’s for the best; Trump’s previous rally was apparently linked to a surge in coronavirus cases.

Even with only 6,200 attendees.

So really, the teens are public health workers.

Aka key workers.

Give them a raise.

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