David Cameron says he won't seek third term, uses awkward Shredded Wheat analogy

David Cameron has sent political journalists into a spin by surprisingly declaring he will not seek a third term as prime minister.

Leaving aside the fact that he hasn't even served a second term as prime minister (there is the small matter of the general election to decide first), what was notable about the Tory leader's admission to the BBC was the analogy he used to explain it.

I've said I'll stand for a full second term, but I think after that it will be time for new leadership. Terms are like Shredded Wheat – two are wonderful but three might just be too many.

Younger readers may be confused by this, and could perhaps think that a lot of the country's problems could probably be explained by the fact the prime minister is apparently only able to eat two Shredded Wheats.

But Cameron is actually harking back to 'classic' Shredded Wheat, which even had an ad campaign - featuring Jaws - back in the day about how no one could possibly eat three of them.

According to the Spectator, Shredded Wheat was typically served in the breakfast halls of Eton, where both Cameron and his BBC News interviewer James Landale, attended, so everything suddenly makes a lot more sense.

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