Jim Acosta’s strong dislike of Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson – if ‘dislike’ is the right term to use here – continued on Saturday, when the CNN host decided to label the controversial presenter “bulls*** factory employee of the year”.

The remark follows a comment from Carlson that Kamala Harris, the vice president, “isn’t from this country” because “she really grew up in Canada”.

Acosta said: “Tucker Carlson, your suggestion … has put you over the top. We once honoured you with the distinction of bulls*** factory employee of the month, but now that 2021 is coming to an end, we decided to recognise you as our first ever bulls*** factory employee of the year.

“That’s right, Tucker, you earned it.”


And he wasn’t the only one roasted by Acosta on his CNN show either, as the broadcaster took aim at Texas representative Ted Cruz after he tweeted “there once was a man from Nantucket” to criticise US President Joe Biden.

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This inspired Acosta to come up with his own limerick to rip into the politician.

“There once was a man named Ted. When Texas froze, he fled.

“He went to Cancun, but came back too soon.

“Rest in peace, irony, you are dead.”

Cruz wasn’t happy with the rhyme, later tweeting that CNN “has no viewers” and is “just angry, dishonest, partisan propagandists”.

He also appeared to call Acosta a clown, with several clown emojis.

While Carlson is yet to respond to his takedown, Twitter certainly has, and they’re a fan of it.

It seems at this point in Acosta’s eyes, Carlson really is a prize fool.

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