Newspaper says biggest fashion trend for men in 2022 will be dressing like a child

Newspaper says biggest fashion trend for men in 2022 will be dressing like a child

The biggest trend in men’s fashion this year will be dressing like a child, The Wall Street Journal has declared.

Men’s fashion editor, Jacob Gallagher, says in 2022 we should be prepared to see more adventurous colours and accessories on men.

According to Gallagher, the trend has begun to emerge in recent years with celebrities like Pete Davidson and Justin Bieber wearing beaded charm necklaces, the popularity of tie-dye and bright colours.

Fashion has been a hot topic particularly as new trends emerge. Last year a TikTok that hilariously slated 2000s fashion went viral and Lil Nas X caused controversy by releasing trainers with human blood inside them.

This year we’re apparently going to be seeing a lot more people dressing like tweenagers, as the trend – dubbed “kidcore” – continues to take off.

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The reason it’s taking off, Gallagher theorises, is because it takes us back to a time before we started dressing to look “cool” and actually wore what we liked.

And, it’s backed up with data as fashion tracking company Lyst found that in 2021, kidcore was one if its top trends thanks to searches for items such as cartoon Crocs and charm necklaces.

Pierre Lavenir, a cultural specialist at Lyst, told The Journal: “A lot of people were searching for comfort and familiarity.”

While Gallagher points out that many of those doing the kidcore are look are still relatively young people, many are finding joy in being able to express themselves in this way as an adult.

LA-based stylist Isaac Rodriguez, 24, has embraced the look, saying: “Seven-year-old me would be like, ‘Man, wear the heck out of that.’”

With celebrity culture undoubtedly affecting the fashion industry, it’ll be interesting to see how the trend develops into 2022.

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