The time has come - the UK will be heading to the polls once more in December for (yet another) General Election.

This morning Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announced that his party would back plans to hold a General Election in December, as an attempt to break the Brexit impasse.

However, there is a chance that the election could be plunged into jeopardy after the government lost a vote against an amendment election bill that would allow EU citizens and 16-year-olds to also vote.

It remains to be seen what actually will happen but of course, given the news, there have been GIFs and memes aplenty.

Labour MP Clive Lewis kicked off proceedings.

Others were nostalgic.

Some predicted disaster.

There was lots of talk of party disputes…

Then there was the realisation that the election will come just before Christmas.

But mostly people’s thoughts were with Brenda from Bristol, who went viral when the last election was called in 2017.

Let the games (and the memes) begin.

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