Why students should be worried about Boris Johnson's December general election

Why students should be worried about Boris Johnson's December general election

In another unprecedented move in British politics, Boris Johnson looks set to push for a general election on December 12, should the EU grant the UK a Brexit extension.

The prime minister is hoping that MPs will back his calls for a pre-Christmas election but will need to gain the support of Labour in order to get the two-thirds of votes under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act.

However, Labour are expected to whip their MPs to vote down the election, if a no-deal Brexit isn't taken off the table.

That being said, should the vote go through and there is an election on December 12 it could prove a tricky situation for a large section of the British population; that being students.

In the current academic year, students are set to break up for their Christmas holidays which will run from December 9 until January 3.

Now, if you've ever been a student travelling back home isn't something that happens as soon as universities close. It can take a few days, what with all the packing and travelling etc.

If this does come to pass, the problem could be that some students aren't registered to vote at their home address or could miss the vote entirely as they would be travelling home on that very day.

It should also be said that a majority of students and young people are likely to not vote for a Conservative government, with the demographic generally leaning in favour of the Labour party. According to YouGov, voters a whopping 66 per cent of voters aged between 18 and 19 voted for Jeremy Corbyn's party in the last general election.

It was a similar case in the 20-24 age bracket, with 62 per cent of voters putting an X in the box for Labour back in 2017.

Many people have been quick to point this out online, as rumours about an imminent election grow and the chance that a large proportion of voters who would not turn out for Boris Johnson could find themselves in a logistical nightmare where they're unable to vote.

Liberal Democrat MP, Heidi Allen also highlighted this point during an interview on Sky News on Friday morning.

Of course, this is all pure speculation and many students may have already registered to vote at home, in the wake of the news and it remains to be seen if a general election will actually be called but it's food for thought.

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