A Ukrainian journalist has confronted Boris Johnson and she didn't hold back

A Ukrainian journalist has confronted Boris Johnson and she didn't hold back
'You are not coming to Lviv because you are afraid!' Ukrainian woman ...
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Journalist Daria Kaleniuk has been praised after emotionally appealing to Boris Johnson to enforce a no-fly zone to protect citizens from Russia’s bombs.

Speaking to Johnson in Warsaw, Daria Kaleniuk, the executive director of the Anti-Corruption Action Centre civil society organisation, told Johnson that Ukrainians are “desperately asking for the West to protect our sky”.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace previously said that imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine would amount to Nato having “to declare war on Russia”.

Kaleniuk said: “We’re asking for the no-fly zone… what is the alternative Mr prime minister? To observe?

“You’re coming to Poland, you’re not coming to Kyiv prime minister… because you’re afraid.

“Because Nato is not willing to defend, because Nato is afraid of a World War Three but it has already started and it’s the Ukrainian children who are there taking the hit.”

She continued: “You are talking about more sanctions, prime minister, but Roman Abramovich is not sanctioned. He’s in London. His children are not in the bombardments, his children are there in London. Putin’s children are in the Netherlands, in Germany, in mansions. Where are all these mansions seized? I don’t see that.”

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She then broke down in tears as she added: “I see that my family members, my team members, are saying we are crying, we don’t know where to run. This is what is happening, prime minister.”

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Responding, Johnson thanked her for attending, but added: “I’m acutely conscious that there is not enough that we can do as the UK government to help in the way that you want, and I’ve got to be honest about that.”

He said that they could not enforce a no-fly zone because “the implication of that is that the UK would be engaged in shooting down Russian planes”. Meaning the UK would “be engaged in direct combat with Russia”.

Johnson added: “That’s not something we can do, or that we’ve envisaged and I think the consequences of that would be truly very, very difficult to control.”

He said what they can do is provide help and support to Ukrainians, such as provide military support.

The clip garnered hundreds of thousands of views, with many praising Kaleniuk for her directness.

Tweeting the clip after the press conference, Kaleniuk wrote: “Just had a chance to ask a question to Boris Johnson”.

One Twitter user commented: “You were fantastic Daria. Total respect and admiration for you.”

Another said: “You are incredible.”

Broadcaster Piers Morgan wrote: “Good for her. Nobody is doing anything to actually stop Putin killing people.”

Sebastian Payne from the Financial Timessaid Kaleniuk’s question was an “incredibly powerful moment” at the press conference.

Kaleniuk later tweeted: "No, NATO members will not close the sky over Ukraine. Leaders of NATO member states will come to the Western border of Ukraine to do press-conferences instead. These will be these children who will face the missiles, not NATO air defence systems. Shame on you, NATO."

Meanwhile, foreign secretary Liz Truss has warned “nothing and no one is off the table” as Britain and allies hit Russia with sanctions over Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

She told the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva: “Putin is responsible for civilian casualties and over 500,000 people fleeing with the numbers still rising fast. The blood is on Putin’s hands, not just of innocent Ukrainians but the men he has sent to die.

“We’re using our collective heft, making up over half the world’s economy to cut funding from Putin’s war machine and we’re delivering severe economic costs through these sanctions as ordinary Russians are finding form queues at their local banks and rising interest rates.

“These consequences will only increase in breadth and severity as the conflict goes on, we’re working to squeeze the Putin regime harder and harder by steadily tightening the vice.

“We’re going after the highest echelons of the Russian elite, targeting president Putin personally and all of those complicit in his aggression. Nothing and no one is off the table.”

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