CNN reporter Matthew Chance realises he's crouching next to live grenade: 'I didn't see that'

CNN reporter hears explosions in Kiev during live reporting, puts on flak ...

A journalist who realised he was crouching beside a grenade while reporting in Ukraine had the calmest response when he realised he was beside an explosive.

CNN’s senior international correspondent Matthew Chance was broadcasting live in Kyiv earlier today where he delivered an update on the situation on the ground.

When he spotted a grenade on the ground near his foot, he slowly got up and moved back.

“Actually I was crouching down right by a grenade there look, and I didn’t see that, so let’s move away from that,” he said before walking away from the area.

Chance had been reporting on the devastation of what remained after Ukrainian forces repelled a Russian attack.

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CNN reports that “unexploded grenades, smoking vehicles and dead bodies” were left by a scorched bridge near Kyiv following the clash.

Chance said: “The Russian column has been absolutely hammered.

“Ukrainian officials and Ukrainian soldiers who I’ve been speaking to over the last couple of hours are absolutely enthused by this victory.

“It’s not just here. We’ve seen instances all over the country where Ukrainians have really pushed back against the Russians, and it’s really made them feel that they can win this war."

Two US officials told the network that the Ukrainian military’s resistance has been “stiffer than expected”.

Chance said that the “big risk now for the Ukrainian military” is that Moscow could “double down and go in much harder”.

The journalist previously made headlines when he paused a broadcast to put on a flak jacket and helmet as explosions were heard in the background.

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