Concerns raised for CNN reporter caught in the thick of Ukraine conflict

Concerns raised for CNN reporter caught in the thick of Ukraine conflict
CNN reporter hears explosions in Kiev during live reporting, puts on flak ...

A CNN reporter in Kiev, Ukraine had to pause his broadcast to put on a flak jacket and helmet as explosions were heard in the background.

CNN’s senior international correspondent Matthew Chance was broadcasting on CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight in the early hours of Thursday morning to report on the situation in Ukraine after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in the east of the country.

As Chance spoke from a hotel rooftop in the city, popping could be heard in the background.

The British reporter said: “I just heard a big bang right here behind me. I probably shouldn’t have done the live shot here. There are big explosions taking place in Kiev right now.”

He added: “I can hear rumblings right now.”

He said he felt relatively safe before another explosion could be heard in the background.

Chance then leaned down to pick up a flak jacket with “press” written across it from the ground and put it on, along with a helmet.

Chance’s bravery was praised on Twitter, with one user remarking: “‘Hero’ is not a strong enough word for journalists who put their safety on the line for the public to know the truth.”

Chance was also filmed outside of Antonov Airport, about 25 miles outside of Kiev. CNN reports that Russian troops have taken control of the airport.

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