Vancouver Is Awesome

In a world inundated with increasingly bleak news, it’s refreshing to see that some news organisations are trying to take a more positive spin on things.

And this is exactly what the creators of the “Vancouver is Awesome” website looked like they were trying to achieve.

But things seem to have turned a bit sour for the site, and now there’s a hilarious disconnect between the gloomy stories appearing under the site’s “Awesome” banner.

The phenomenon was spotted by comedy writer James Felton, who posted screenshots of some of the funniest examples on Twitter.

Exhibit 1.


Exhibit 2.

Pic:Pic: ()

A Valentine's special.


And here's a montage.


People on Twitter found the juxtaposition between the site’s cheery banner and miserable stories very funny.

On the site's 'Our Story' section, it says:

Vancouver Is Awesome is a community-minded online publication that shares everything about your city that makes it awesome and keeps you here, and we keep you up to speed on the news of the day.

It looks like the website’s creators may have lost sight of their original purpose…

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