Anti-vaxx mum has major meltdown after her daughter gets vaccinated at school


From what's being reported in the news recently, it's clear that Anti-vaxxers are pretty passionate about their belief that vaccinations are dangerous and can cause illness.

So when one daughter decided to get a routine vaccination at school, in fear of suspension, you can imagine how her mother reacted.

In a post on Reddit, 14-year-old Beth from Canada said she was previously suspended because her mother didn't allow her to get vaccinated.

I’m a freshman in high school, and my mom never let get my vaccines in grade 7, which caused me to be suspended in grade 7 and 8

This year, the kids who hadn’t gotten them were called down to get them, and I had missed 4 very important vaccines. I got them, and I was given a note to show my mom what I had gotten. When I told my mom, she got mad because I didn’t ask her, and she wasn’t given any heads up about it (she was given notice)

he [said] that it was wrong and awful that they did that because she said that the vaccines I got cause problems and diseases, which I obviously believed for a long time as I was raised to believe that, but now being older I can see how messed up that is

She went on about how she was going sue my school for giving me vaccines and she was calling the cops. When I got home she yelled at me for having them done. I calmly tried to tell her they were important to my health, which prompted her to take my phone and say I’m not allowed to make that decision for her. I didn’t want to be suspended AGAIN for not having the vaccines done

Beth then posted the text conversation she had with her anti-vaxx mother after the school notified her. Responding to her mother she wrote:

You can't be mad at me

You had to tell them before they did it 

Otherwise they do it 

Her mother responded with:

Not only that but HPV vaccine is potentially life-threatening 

I might press charges

I might sue them 

Beth responded with:

Talk to my school about 

It's a law

Many Reddit users were quick to praise the girl for standing up to her mother, reminding her that it's her body.

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