NASA astronaut reveals what space smells like – and let's just say we're happy staying on Earth

When the world was a very different place in 2015, long before president Trump and Covid-19, Scott Kelly set the record for the total accumulated number of days spent in space.

Clocking up 350.4 days, Kelly set the record for the longest space mission by a US astronaut.

So when he did a Twitter Q&A, people paid attention, because he's a pretty big deal in the space world.

People had a lot of queries. For instance, he was asked what he thinks about flat-earthers, given he's seen the very round Earth with his own eyes.

He also revealed the scariest part of being in space is the thought of something happening to his loved ones while he’s away.

During the extra special Q&A he was asked what the International Space Station smelled like (he's commanded the ISS on three expeditions).

This was his reply:

He explained it depends where you are in the station, but it can often smell like garbage.

And space, he says, also has a distinct smell: burning metal.


We'll stay on Earth, thanks.

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