This man revealed what it feels like to die for an hour

This man revealed what it feels like to die for an hour

A man has described what it’s like to die for an hour – 46 years after the incident happened – but it might not be quite what you would expect.

Gary Wood was killed in a car accident when he was 18 years old, but only for an hour.

Wood told host Jonathan Bernis, on the Jewish Voice, that he and his little sister crashed into the back of a truck. He suffered a crushed larynx and vocal chords, among other injuries.

He said he “came out” of his body “instantly”, and that doctors at the scene pronounced him dead.

It was the most peaceful, tranquil experience I’ve ever had in my life.  I rose above the top of the car, and angels came.

I was caught in a swirling massive funnel-shape cloud of bright, brilliant light.

He said he saw his own dead body lying on the ground, then:

I saw an angel standing in front of one of the twelve gates of pearl, and I was granted access into the city.

I met a friend of mine who had died in a previous accident. Everyone is assigned someone to meet them and take them around. And my friend, my best friend in high school, had died, and he’s taking me on this tour of heaven and I recognise him immediately. 

Wood then said he met Jesus.

When I saw him I fell at his feet, and he reached down, picked me up and stood me up.

But that's not all. Not only has Wood survived death and been to heaven, he also has another pretty impressive claim:

Heaven is a real, literal place. I’ve been to all the amusement parks in the world today and they pale in significance.

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