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A black woman was left unharmed after a white man tried to attack her with a metal rod outside a grocery store in West Hollywood, California.

The incident, which reportedly occured on Tuesday afternoon outside of a branch of Pavillions, happened to Angela Jefferson who was studying when the man began yelling insults.

CBSLAreports that the man, who seemed intoxicated, started hurling racial slurs at around 2:30 in the afternoon, before wielding a rod and throwing chairs.

Jefferson said:

He had like a pipe or something or stick and he was hitting it on the tables and he tried to hit me with it, but I dodged it.

He was calling me the ‘N’ word … He was calling me the ‘B’ word.

As the scene grew more hostile and heated, the commotion was noticed by people in the store.

Dulcinea Circelli, who was having lunch at the time, began to record what was happening and shared the footage on social media.

Another bystander can be seen in the video, flanked by a security guard, telling the man to leave because of his unacceptable behaviour.

During the footage, the man does not leave despite being confronted by the bystander but Daily Dot report that he did leave before police arrived.

Although he did attempt to destroy someone else's property and cause physical harm, he isn't wanted for arrest.

However, should he return to the location he and repeats his actions he will be arrested.

Speaking to CBSLA, Circelli said:

It was just so scary and just the fact that he was expecting the security guard to back him up when he was armed and attacking two people with metal rods.

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