A woman couldn't pay her loan payments she was in an abusive relationship. What happened next was remarkable

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The internet often seems like a dark place, but this story is here to reminds us that there are good people everywhere.

Recently, one Imgur user shared a story about a woman who found herself in debt during a challenging time of her life. Luckily, the loan officer who shared the story was understanding enough and, rather than demand money the woman couldn’t give, did everything they could to make her circumstances better.

The woman said that her financial difficulties were as a result of an abusive relationship. She explained:

I needed to hide money to be able to leave a relationship that had become abusive once we moved in together. Once it crossed the physically abusive line, I slept in my car. This was on 1/4/2019. On 1/12/19 I was laid off.

I am working again now and am trying to pay everything back. The money I had saved, instead of paying, got me out of the car and renting a room. I had to do it.

The loan agent felt compelled to share the story.

After the story went viral, they explained what their exact job is

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