Woman orders bicep cake for her boyfriend, but doesn’t quite get what she ordered

Facebook/ Sharon Bijin

The art of a good birthday cake is hard to master but you'd hope that most professional bakers could pull off a simple request.

That's exactly what Sharon Bijin from Lemington, Newcastle thought as well.

The 44-year-old forked out £50 to a baker she found on Facebook to create a cake in the shape of a muscled arm, as a birthday cake for her bodybuilder boyfriend Jay.

An image of what Sharon envisioned the cake would look like can be seen below.

Picture:Picture: Facebook/ Sharon Bijin

What should have been the ideal treat for Jay's 32nd birthday soon turned into a scene from a horror movie.

Sharon had checked online reviews of the baker beforehand and was assured that this was a quality cake maker.

However, judging by the end product this baker would probably be better suited to make props for the Alien films.

Picture:Picture: Facebook/ Sharon Bijin

Understandably Sharon wasn't too impressed. She is quoted by The Sun as saying:

When I went to collect it she said not to open it as it was raining but when I got home and saw it I was pretty shocked, everyone thinks it looks like a cashew nut or an alien.

I went to contact her but she'd blocked me on Facebook and then she entirely removed her account when I tried to get friends to find her.

Despite being annoyed at wasting £50, Sharon was able to see the funny side of the situation.

She adds:

It cost £50 but I've written that money off.

Initially I was angry as it's a lot of money and I only work part-time but now I can't stop laughing.

It's safe to say that whoever this baker is, they won't be appearing on The Great British Bake Offanytime soon.

HT The Sun

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