One hundred years of wedding cake trends, in three minutes

What haven't we seen a '100 years of' video from Mode about yet?

Still a lot, actually. Today we get a look at how (Western, Christian) wedding cakes have changed over the years.

In 1916 - the middle of WWI - you just chucked some plastic flowers on top. Which is fair enough.

Flowers were out and tiers were in by the 30s.

Things started getting a bit out of hand in the 1960s.

Culminating in whatever the f-ck this is from 1986.

If you got married in the 1980s and your cake DIDN'T feature dry ice, hang your head in shame.

The 2000s were the domain of the wedding cupcake.

And finally, apparently it's only recently that people are starting to experiment with colours:

To be honest, there's only really one takeaway from 100 years of wedding cakes: whatever you go for, it's going to age terribly when you look back at the photos. Good luck!

Watch the full video below:

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