Women are being sold by Isis and the price of dissent is death

Isis extremists are selling women as sex slaves to lure new fighters to their cause, according to a new report from the [Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.]1

It claims as many as 2,500 women and children may have been been captured by Isis. "Women and girls are brought with price tags for the buyers to choose and negotiate the sale," the report says of the sale of women. It details an incident on 3 August where 150 girls, predominantly from Yazidi and Christian communities, were transported to Syria from Iraq "either to be given to Isis fighters as a reward or to be sold as sex slaves (‘malak yamiin’)."

When women try to fight back they are often killed. When a female doctor in Mosul, Iraq, fought back against a command to wear a headscarf, she was killed trying to resist being taken away by Isis militants.

"Women have been dealt with particularly harshly by Isis. Isis attacked and killed female doctors, lawyers, among other professionals", it added.

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