Women work 100 minutes 'for free' each day because of the gender pay gap

A female manager in effect works for nothing for 100 minutes of each day because of the pay gap between men and women, according to a new salary survey.

The average pay for women managers is £30,612, while a man in an equivalent job is paid £39,136.

That £8,524 gap is a slight improvement on 2014, when the figure was £9,069 – but the 22 per cent gap is still equivalent to a woman doing unpaid work for an hour and 40 minutes per day, or 57 days a year.

Further up the pay scale, the gap widens. At senior or director level, the average pay for men is £138,699, and for women is £123,756.

Women at all levels also lose out on bonuses, with men receiving £4,898, almost twice the £2,531 average for women.

The gap is also wider for older women. In the 26 to 35 age group, men are on average six per cent better-paid than women. Among 36 to 45-year-olds there is a 20 per cent gap.

In the 46 to 60 age bracket the gap is 35 per cent, equivalent to a woman working 681 hours a year for no pay.

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