Rebekah Vardy’s ill-formed tweet about equality in women’s football went down like a lead balloon

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Monday 10 June 2019 09:15
Picture:(Marc Atkins/Getty )

Rebekah Vardy drew disapproval from football viewers over her criticism of BBC’s all-women panel for England’s World Cup win over Scotland.

The TV station’s coverage was hosted by Gabby Logan, former USA-keeper Hole Solo, ex-England defender Alex Scott and former Scotland international player Gemma Fay.

Vardy posted a screengrab of the four female presenters on Twitter, and captioned it: “Umm what happened to equality….” Followed by a monocle-wearing emoji.

BBC broadcaster Alex Scott, MBE was one of the first to point out that BBC coverage had been diverse…

Footballer Emma Pollis added that there were male commentators for the game...

Others pointed out that her tweet was ill-informed

"The worst take"

And others pointed out that the whole point of equality is to redress the very, very uneven scales...

Following intense criticism, Vardy tweeted two follow-ups:

I’ll draw a line and say this.... men need to be more involved in women’s football to get it to where it needs and DESERVES to be... we have some incredibly talented players... end of.

In another tweet, she said:

Woahhhh I 100% fully support women’s football and women in football as I do in all sport! They did and do a great job! I’m just making a point

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