Flowchart about the pros and cons of being a career mum goes viral for all the wrong reasons

Flowchart about the pros and cons of being a career mum goes viral for all the wrong reasons
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A handwritten flowchart about the pros and cons of being a career mum has gone viral – for all the wrong reasons.

The Facebook page The Transformed Wife is anathema – a bizarre trip back to the days of old, where women were told to aspire for motherhood and motherhood alone, and men were the breadwinners.

The about section reads:

Learning about marriage, raising children, homemaking and being a godly woman who desires to be transformed into the image of Christ!

Amidst advise for mums, often told with a religious tone, one particular post about working mums went viral.

A handwritten chart with the question, ‘Should Mothers Have Careers?’ set the internet on fire.

Working mums, it claims, leave children with others, spend the weekends cleaning the house rather than spending time with their children, and are ‘too tired for intimacy’ with their husbands.

Ignoring, for the moment, the heteronormativity of her flowchart, lots of people also took offence to how thoroughly the posts’ sentiments were rooted in the past.

Many women and men accused the post of being reductive, of undermining the exhaustion women feel when they come home from work, and accuse it of imposing an either/or mentality.

Father Justin Smilie wrote:

My wife works full-time and is the greatest mother my son could ask for. You have a jaded view on the world and need to keep your obnoxious opinions to yourself.

Linzi McCulla disagreed with the post, which claimed that working and motherhood were basically mutually exclusive. "My mother had a full time career, and is a wonderful mother, I’m pretty sure she did all the things you say a mother without a career would do. I’m proud to have her as my mother to teach me with a great example of womanhood, strong, independent, and able to balance a career and family equally."

A third woman accused the poster of shaming working mums:

The level of delusion on this list is astounding.

Neither description is remotely accurate.

Nice job of shaming the working moms AND every SAHM who doesnt live up to this fantasy description.

You're the only one who needs to be ashamed.

The post was shared more than 1,500 times and comments, which were in their thousands, were critical of the poster’s sentiments.

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