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Theresa May has come out of the no-confidence vote with her job as prime minister still intact – though just barely.

And with her unpopular Brexit in the red as her party refuses to unite under it, the March deadline presents a potential for a lot of chaos.

With the situation in the UK so unsteady, what better way to unite the country in these tumultuous times than through humour?

The New York Times inadvertently did just that when they asked their 42.4million followers an innocuous little question:

Have you experienced a petty crime in London? Click to tell us your story (Your submission may be selected for publication.)

Londoners wrote in their answers…and they’re brilliant.

Answers encompassed that fine line between irony and sarcasm British humour is so famous for.

If you know...you know.

And for a brief moment, we forgot the country had fractured.

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