A WWE wrestler is running for mayor in America and the campaign trail is really weird


Professional wrestling and politics have a lot in common.

They both feature a lot of hot-headed individuals who spend time shouting at each other, and you're never sure what is real and what is not.

It should come as no surprise that both worlds have crossed paths on more than one occasion.

Former wrestlers like Jesse Ventura, Antonio Inoki and Atsushi Onita have all held office in the United States and Japan respectively.

Donald Trump's history in the squared circle is well documented, and let's not forget that Abraham Lincoln also enjoyed a spot of grappling.

Now, another wrestler is attempting to forge a career as a politician by running for Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

That man is the former WWE Champion, the Big Red Machine – Kane!

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Kane, aka Glenn Jacobs, is currently campaigning as a Republican for the mayoral seat with elections due to take place on 1 May.

The 50-year-old announced his intention to run last year and, in the final months of the campaign, he has decided to step up his game by drafting in his on-screen brother; WWE legend The Undertaker (real name: Mark Calaway).

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The fictional brothers have a long and confusing history in the wrestling ring, both as friends and enemies – but seeing them outside that environment is a rarity.

For the cost of $50-150, fans were allowed to pose with the two menacing figures at the Rothchild Catering & Conference Centre, with Kane also bringing his mask along for added authenticity.

Images of the meet and greet have begun to surface on Twitter and we reckon it might just be the best (and weirdest) political PR stunt ever.

Both men have been involved in the wrestling industry for the best part of 30 years or more, and are still semi-active members of the WWE roster.

However, if Kane were to perform some of his acts from the wrestling world in the political spectrum, it would be unlikely that his bid for office would last very long.

For instance, he once set The Undertaker on fire while his sibling was locked in a casket with their maniacal father, Paul Bearer, cheering the spectacle on. Undertaker obviously survived unscathed.

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Furthermore, he once attacked a priest on live television and dropped him on his head.

Electrocuting someone's nether regions wasn't beyond his remit either.

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And if you're wondering why Kane sometimes wears a mask and other times he doesn't, it's because the Undertaker burnt down their house when they were kids, accidentally scarring Kane and killing their parents.

Kane wore the mask to protect his face, but when he finally took it off it was determined that the scars were only psychological and his face was fine, if not a little dirty (we're not making any of this up).

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From time to time though he has been known to show some love to his friends and peers.

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That being said, we're sure Jacobs is a good candidate for the job and won't have to resort to any of these tactics should his bid be successful.

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