You've probably never heard of YouTube's most viral video of 2017


Despacito may have won the title for most viewed YouTube video in 2017, but it didn't make the biggest splash.

The irrepressible Bieber-backed tune may have been everywhere this summer, but it wasn't the most engaging video on the Alphabet website, when you take into account views, shares, comments, likes, and other analytics.

This year, according to YouTube's algorithm's the most viral clip came from The Mask Singer, a Thai game show similar to The Voice.

It's grounded in singing talent, but instead of chairs spinning round, the contestant wears a ridiculous costume or mask to hide their identity and looks.

A video of a contestant dressed as an Oyster, classified as the most viral YouTube video (judged without music videos, the most watched videos on YouTube).

The top ten of YouTube's trending list has more than 633 million views combined, while the Oyster video logged over 196 million on its own.

An open and shut case for first, then.

It's truly mesmerising:


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