Fox News guest says AOC and women who don’t have kids have ...

Jesse Watters doesn't believe Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is 'ripe enough' to run for president, claiming she must get married and get pregnant first.

On Wednesday's episode of The Five, Watters made misogynistic comments about the future of AOC's political career as people speculate AOC could run for president in 2024.

"She's not ripe enough to run for president," Watters said. "First, she has to get married. She has to plan a wedding, or you want to plan a wedding and run for president at the same time? Or her husband would have to do it and the wedding would stink."

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"And then you have to get pregnant," Watters added.

The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld began laughing and questioning Watters opinion on having a family and running for political office.

"The media loves it, they eat it up," Watters responded. "And it makes you more of a mature person."

Watters' comments echo similar comments other political commentators have made about AOC and her personal family planning decisions.

Many people felt the comments were sexist and unnecessary.

As political pollsters and commentators speculate about potential candidates for the 2024 election, AOC's name has been thrown in the mix. Many believe the well-known Representative could give President Joe Biden a run for his money.

But just 32-years-old, AOC will only be eligible for president in October 2024, just one month before voting occurs. When asked if she would run on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, AOC said she plans to support Biden in the upcoming election.

However a future President Ocasio-Cortez is not totally far-fetched as AOC never confirmed or denied whether she'd run for president in the future.

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