Fox News guest says AOC and women who don’t have kids have ‘minds of children’

Fox News guest says AOC and women who don’t have kids have ‘minds of children’

Tucker Carlson had an old man on his show to talk about women are ruining the planet by not having children, specifically one woman: AOC.

Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institution was a guest on the Fox News show to talk about how he’s not happy with the use of people’s correct pronouns.

Carlson suggested that the root of this issue, which is also bothering Carlson, is that some people on the left are “offended by fertility and nature and the idea that people reproduce.”

Hanson totally agreed, saying that women who didn’t want to have kids were a huge problem, which he is also paying attention to.

“Our crisis right now is we’re not reproducing ourselves… and we’re suffering from what? Prolonged adolescence,” Hanson said. “These children – they have adult bodies but they have the minds of children. They don’t want to grow up. AOC [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)] is a good example of a person who’s suffering from prolonged adolescence.”

He went on, even though what he was saying was already objectively horrifying and deeply misogynistic.

“And she said she doesn’t want to have children because of climate change,” he said. “I don’t know if it’s because of $1.7 trillion in student debt or the economy, but they just don’t want take off their training wheels and go out experience life and its adventures and dangers.”

Actually, the widespread lack of desire to have kids is directly linked to all of those societal issues, so he almost got there.

And while AOC has spoken about how the risks of the climate emergency has made her hesitant to have kids, her most recent public conversation about it actually happened in January, after Republicans stormed her office and tried to kill her.

In a harrowing Instagram live a few weeks later, the New York representative described telling her friend, California congresswoman Katie Porter, that she was scared she’d die on that day, before being able to have kids.

So it’s a particularly weird thing for Carlson, whose audience likely includes a number of those who stormed the US Capitol seeking AOC, to zero in on. But Carlson’s obsession with AOC, or at least the ratings he gets when he brings her up, are also weird, so it checks out.

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