A video of Andrew Giuliani describing his political experience is not the best start of a serious political campaign that we have ever seen.

The video shows Giuliani, who is running for New York governor, answering a journalist’s question about what makes him qualified for the role – and claiming he has spent “parts of five different decades in politics”. The problem? He hasn’t been alive for five decades.


Yup, Andy’s 35!

Some quick maths reveals that if someone is 35, they have been alive for three and a half decades. Meanwhile, Giuliani has not even had three and a half decades in politics – he was hired by the Trump administration as an advisor in 2017. So four years / five decades... it’s all the same, right?

Upon being called out by the reporter talking to him, he added that he was four when his father – former mayor and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani – first campaigned for office in 1989 and we are sure Rudy heavily relied on his toddler son during that time for strategy talks.

Unsurprisingly, people on social media were left scratching their heads at his logic:

To add insult to injury, yesterday Giuliani was compared to another politician’s son – one Eric Trump as people believed them to appear similar. Another said he looked like Biff from Back to the Future:

If your political campaign is days old and the only stories you are generating are about your appearance and inability to know the difference between 35 and 50, it is safe to say it’s not looking good.

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