Rudy Giuliani’s son Andrew is being compared to Eric Trump after he announced run for NY governor

<p>Eric Trump, left, and Andrew Giuliani</p>

Eric Trump, left, and Andrew Giuliani

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Rudy Giuliani’s son is running for New York governor but people can’t believe he isn’t actually Eric Trump.

Andrew Giuliani – son of the former mayor and Trump lawyer – announced he was standing for the role, saying he was “a politician out of the womb”.

But Giuliani – who also served as a special assistant in Trump’s White House and is running on the vague “pro-business, pro-police, pro-school-choice” ticket, according to The Post – has had any serious wishes of being a politician eclipsed by his striking resemblance to another politician’s son, one Eric Trump.

Posting on Twitter, people drew attention to their similarities:

Eric Trump is not running for NY governor. He is, however, running around praising his father at every possible moment, causing Freud to spin in his grave. Most recently, he claimed that random people hug him on the street because they miss Donald Trump so much, which seems a bit odd.

Andrew Giuliani will stand against Andrew Cuomo, the incumbent governor, who is facing an impeachment investigation stemming from multiple accusations of sexual harassment and alleged mismanagement of the state’s pandemic response.

To add to the mix of men who love doing the same things their fathers do, Cuomo is the son of Mario Cuomo who served as NY governor for three terms.

American politics – you couldn’t make it up.

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