Boris Johnson says ‘nobody told me’ Downing Street party broke lockdown rules

Boris Johnson has doubled down on his claim that he thought the “bring your own booze” gathering on May 2020 was a “work event”, and insisted he wasn’t warned that the gathering was against Covid rules.

Former aide Dominic Cummings claims Johnson misled parliament when he said he thought it was a “work event”, and said the prime minister was made aware that the get-together would breach Covid rules.

Now, Johnson faces the possibility of a no-confidence vote if 54 letters of no confidence are received by the 1922 Committee. It’s thought that roughly 20 MPs could submit letters today, but one told The Daily Telegraph the number of letters needed to trigger a challenge could be reached today.

It’s said MPs met last night to discuss Johnson’s future in a gathering nicknamed the “pork pie plot” or the “pork pie putsch”.

Speaking yesterday, the prime minister said he wasn’t warned that the 20th May 2020 gathering was in breach of Covid rules.

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He told broadcasters: “I can tell you categorically, categorically, that nobody told me and nobody said that this was something that was against the rules or was a breach of the Covid rules or we were doing something that wasn’t a work event because, frankly, I don’t think, I can’t imagine why on earth it would have gone ahead or why it would have been allowed to go ahead.”

His memory of the event, he said, was going into the garden for “about 25 minutes” for what he “implicity thought was a work event” and talking to staff. He said he then went back to his office and continued working.

He added: “I do humbly apologise to people for misjudgments that were made. But that is the very, very best of my recollection about this event.”

Asked if he was “taking the mickey” over his claim that he believed the 20th May 2020 drinks were a work event, the prime minister said: “I think what people need to do is wait and see what the [Sue Gray] report says.

“I repeat my deep apologies to people for mistakes that may have been made on my watch.”

As the political dumpster fire rages on, Twitter delivered the goods:

One thing’s for sure. Today’s PMQs will be very interesting…

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