Photo of Boris Johnson maskless and with his eyes closed next to David Attenborough causes uproar

Photo of Boris Johnson maskless and with his eyes closed next to David Attenborough causes uproar

The first day of COP26 in Glasgow proved to be noteworthy for all the wrong reasons as several world leaders could barely keep their eyes open.

Firstly, US president Joe Biden – who, in fairness, was probably jet-lagged – was caught drifting off as the speeches were clearly struggling to hold the 78-year-old’s attention.

Following suit was the much younger Boris Johnson, who hadn’t flown across the Atlantic to Glasgow but was still photographed with his eyes closed during the event – and without a mask on his face.

While sitting between David Attenborough and United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Johnson looked like he may have succumbed to the land of nod as the seriousness of COP proved perhaps too mentally taxing for his busy schedule.

Whether Johnson was asleep has been disputed.

A quote that was given to The Mirror from Number 10 states that it was “total nonsense” to suggest that the prime minister was asleep and, in all fairness, there are plenty of other photos from the event where Johnson appears to be fully awake and was wearing a mask.

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Regardless of whether he was wide awake or not, this unfortunate photo proved perfect material for anyone wishing to take a swipe at the prime minister, especially due to the lack of a mask.

Johnson had earlier spoken to the crowd at COP26 where he quoted Greta Thunberg despite the world-renowned climate activist not being formally invited to speak at the event.

Thunberg was later spotted singing “you can stick climate crisis up a**e’.

In a statement, a Downing Street spokesperson said: “The prime minister has abided by the Covid-19 guidance at COP26 throughout. Attendees and delegates are not required to wear a face mask when they are seated as per the COP26 guidance.”

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