President Joe Biden appears to fall asleep during COP speeches

<p>Joe Biden could be seen closing his eyes for extended periods of time </p>

Joe Biden could be seen closing his eyes for extended periods of time

Twitter/Washington Post

US President Joe Biden appeared to fall asleep during the COP26 Climate Summit opening speeches in Glasgow - before seemingly being woken up by an aide.

The COP is organized by the United Nations Climate Change Conference and aims to bring governments from around the globe together to discuss the accelerating climate problem.

The now-viral moment of Biden was captured on video and shared on Twitter by Washington Post journalist Zach Purser Brown.

At first, it appears as though Biden closes his eyes for a few seconds before opening them back up. However, the second time Biden does so lasts for about 30 seconds before a man in a suit approaches him and seems to wake up.

The President is then seen uncrossing his arms, listening to what the man is telling him, before applauding the opening speaker.

Biden, who was previously dubbed ‘Sleepy Joe’ by the former president Donald Trump drew criticism online for seemingly falling asleep.

Piers Morgan slammed Biden on Twitter, saying, “Jeez… not the best look when you’re trying to tell the word to wake up.”

“I used to do this in meetings but I wasn’t the President of the USA,” another tweet read.

While some criticized Biden, many immediately came to his defense, saying he probably nodded off because of jet lag.

One Twitter user wrote, “He's also 78 years old. With the weight of a country on his back, most likely jet-lagged and sleep-deprived. Not sure why you're retweeting this. Pretty cheap shot.”

Another tweet read, “Jet lag? I have been for work in us and returned back home - the jet lag can be very tough…”

“I'll give him a pass because of jet lag. This once.,” wrote one.

President Joe Biden who was previously in Rome after attending another summit on climate change, G-20, headed to Glasgow Monday morning for the COP26 conference.

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