The band behind Boris Johnson’s conference walk-out song are not happy that the Prime Minister used it.

After Johnson shuffled out to a Friendly Fire’s track to deliver a stand-up set with a few policies thrown in, the band were incensed.

The band wrote on Twitter: “We do not endorse the Conservative Party’s use of our track ‘Blue Cassette’. Our permission was not sought, and we have asked our management to ensure it is not used again.

“If we had intended them to use it, we’d have named the track ‘Blue Bunch of Corrupt W*nkers.’”

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They then shared a screenshot of a 2017 article revealing that Jacob Rees-Mogg once called food banks “uplifting” and added: “If Boris Johnson needed something uplifting to walk on to, perhaps he should have used the sound of a busy food bank.”


Reacting to their statement, people on social media thought it was brilliant:

Meanwhile, to compare and contrast, Labour leader Keir Starmer walked out to Fatboy Slim’s Right Here, Right Now, for his own conference speech but when the Daily Mail tried to find out what the DJ thought of that he said: “I don’t want to chat.”

As for Johnson, it looks like those fires aren’t so friendly after all.

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