12 of the funniest reactions to Boris Johnson’s phone number being listed online for last 15 years

Fancy giving the Prime Minister a ring? Well, there’s no reason why you can’t.

Seriously? Well yes, Boris Johnson’s mobile number has been published online for the past 15 years, it has been revealed.

It comes amid concerns that Johnson is readily available to allies and those who wish to lobby him. We all saw his texts with James Dyson, for instance.

Top civil servant Simon Case and the Downing Street security detail have begged the PM to just change his phone number and make a fresh start.

Understandably, the revelation that the PM’s number is just sitting in a 2006 press release on the internet, as it is, has caused some hilarity and memes on social media.

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Here are some of the best:

Here we have it. A direct line to the Prime Minister, a chance to ask him everything we want and to provide much-needed scrutiny for our readers.

But when indy100 gave Johnson a morning call, we were met with his answer phone message. And when we sent him a WhatsApp greeting, we were met with the dreaded ‘one tick’ - meaning that it had been successfully sent but not received by Johnson.

What a shame. Perhaps he is still asleep?

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