Man who claims he is Charles and Camilla's son shares new photographic 'evidence'

Man who claims he is Charles and Camilla's son shares new photographic 'evidence'
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An Australian man who claims he is the illegitimate son of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles says he has photo evidence that apparently boosts his claims.

Simon Dorante-Day was born in April 1966 and was adopted by a family who had connections to Buckingham Palace.

Telling 7 News, “My grandmother, who had worked for the Queen told me outright that I was Camilla and Charles’ son many times.”

Dorante-Day’s strong belief about the story surrounding his birth parents that he has been to the Australian High Court following three failed legal efforts to prove it.

He believes that he was conceived when the royal couple were 17 and 18 years old.

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Charles and Camilla have never responded or acknowledged the claims that Dorante-Day maintains an adamant conviction in.

Now, he has released a photo of his son Liam, which he believes shows an uncanny resemblance to Queen Elizabeth when she was the same age.

“We were blown away when we first saw it, Simon said.

“Elive (His wife Dr Elvianna Dorante-Day) and I feel like we may see many members of the royal family in our children, but this was an eye-opener.

“One of the supporters did the comparison and sent it to me and I was speechless”

Some people who saw the photo online and agreed with Simon’s claims.

“Yes, I saw the resemblance of Liam to Elizabeth in the photo you shared today and thought, wow! Too many similarities between yourself, your children and others for it to be a mere coincidence or conspiracy theory”

He has shared more images before where he has pointed out similarities between himself and other royals, such as Camilla or Prince Phillip, who recently passed away.

Neither he nor his family is planning on giving up on proving his biological family.

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